Cable Two House Rules

Whether this is your first time online or you're a seasoned visitor, we've spelled out our house rules for you here.
Generally speaking, these rules just require respect and good manners. Use common sense and make friends!

We live by words online, so when it comes to message boards, e-mails, or chats of any kind, hateful, racist, or bigoted language will not be tolerated. No exceptions. We reserve the right to remove postings that are particularly sensitive or harmful to others for any reason. Be civil, and help each other have a good time. It takes guts to be gentle and kind.

While the minimum age on Twitch is 13, the minimum age in the Discord server and chat is 18. It's nothing personal. This rule is in the best interest of everyone at all ages. Public areas must remain safe-for-work. This (of course) includes all types of content, such as chat messages, even things meant as jokes.

Respect the privacy and humanity of individuals. Don't be weird, and don't post phone numbers, addresses, Social Security numbers, or any other private information. Any harassing notes or postings that might be construed as stalking are not allowed.

Please try to keep conversation on-topic, and keep spam to a minimum when possible.

All chats are monitored by our staff members, but sometimes we miss things. We do not endorse content or opinions posted in bulletin boards and chat.

Everyone here wants you to have a good time. If you have any issues or run into a problem with another user, we are happy to help.
Please message a team member or submit a report on the Contact page.

By posting to any portion of this site, you agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions of Use.
Use good judgment, and have a wonderful time on Cable Two.